Pelle Fabric Protector
Pelle Fabric Protector
Pelle Fabric Protector

Pellé Fabric Protector - 250ml

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Pellé Fabric Protector provides and effective barrier and protection from spills, stains dirt and grime for most house hold fabrics.

Use For: furniture, bedding, flooring or any other fabric article.

Suitable for Use on:  acrylics, synthetics, cotton, wool, canvas, polypropylene and velvet (note: follow instructions on the bottle and test for colour fastness prior to use).

The effectiveness and colour fastness has been proven using international standards - tested by New Zealand Leather & Shoe Research Association (LASRA) who operate under ISO 9002 & ISO/EMC 17025.

This product contains HealthGuard™ a full anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial agent which provides protection against mould and bacterial contamination.

HealthGuard™ also protects against Dust Mites, making Pellé Fabric Protector suitable for use where users have asthma or other respiratory disorders.

Features & Benefits

  • Industry leading Fabric Protector (tested and approved by LASRA)
  • Easy to apply
  • No Mess
  • Non Toxic and Biodegradable
  • Contains HealthGuard™ protection



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