Home Furnishings FAQ

Q: Can I use Pellé Conditioner / Protector on my Waxed / Oiled furniture?

 A: Yes, occasional treatment with Pellé Conditioner / Protector is recommended as it assists to condition the leather. We recommend use of Pellé Revitaliser to restore the oils and moisture that is drawn from this type of leather.

Q: Is it important that I regularly clean and nourish my leather furniture?

A: Yes, this is very important if you wish to care for your expensive furniture and fully enjoy the natural quality of leather. It is also important to use the correct combination of Pellé products.

Q: Will using Pellé products regularly lengthen the life of my leather furniture?

A: Yes, most definitely. Independent testing (under taken by LASRA) has shown that leather regularly treated with the Pellé system will perform better in Colour Rub and Abrasion tests than untreated leather. In real terms this equates to five times the usable life of the leather.

Q: Do Pellé products meet international and Australian / New Zealand standards for care of leather furniture?

A: Definitely, all Pellé products are batch tested by LASRA against international standards. Pellé products are held in such high regards that they were used to set the standards for Australia and New Zealand – and remain the benchmarks for these standards.

Q: Does Pellé product product to protect and clean carpets, rugs & drapes?

A: Yes, Pellé produces a Fabric Protector and Spot Cleaner that is suitable for use on all house hold fabrics - including carpets, rugs and drapes. Both products are biodegradable and non-toxic making them suitable or general household and commercial use.

Q: Have these products been tested to international and Australia & New Zealand Standards?

A: Yes, the Pellé Fabric Protector has been tested by LASRA (ISO 11640) while the Pellé Spot Cleaner has been tested by AgResearch (ISO 11640)